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Harp / Organ - College Scholarships

We offer students the opportunity to increase their chances of getting into college and obtaining scholarship by adding Harp and Organ skills to their piano or voice skills. While these instruments appear too hard to play, it is a relatively short step for a piano or vocal students get to a reasonable degree of competency on these instruments.

Many Colleges and Universities offer more music scholarships than academic and athletic scholarships. To qualify a student must pass music exams in addition to meeting academic and extracurricular requirements.

Piano and Voice students will be competing with hundreds of Piano and Voice applicants who meet these prerequisites.

College music departments need students studying esoteric instruments like Harp and Organ to keep programs going. They use scholarships to compete for these students just like they use scholarships to compete for football players. The result is a music degree or any degree with a music minor from a recognized university without a second mortgage on your house or student loan debt.

But wait, there is more.

Studies show college students who study music and apply to medical or other professional schools are more likely to get in.

We know harp or organ skills can be used to leverage fantastic scholarships from experience. In the past three years, we have had success leveraging valuable scholarships for two students.

Our first success story involves a piano student who started with us when he was 12. He added organ lessons to his studies with us in his senior year of high school. We recommended him to the head of the organ department at a major university who had only 2 students in her program. She helped get him into the university. She also found a scholarship for him that payed for tuition, fees, room and board, books and incidentals, a laptop, travel, $1,000 per month stipend and $10,000 a year for Summer Study Abroad. The total value of the scholarship is more than $400,000 - a significant return for $9,000 worth of lessons at Florida Enrichment Academy and six years of practice! He graduated with a dual major in music and pre-med and is now a student in medical school on the road to becoming a cardiologist.

Our second success story is a young lady who started Harp lessons with us when she was 15. She had a year of piano lessons prior to starting on the Harp. We recommended her to the head of a university music department that was attempting to expand. She became the first student in their newly formed Harp program. She was awarded a scholarship that paid tuition, fees, room and board, books and incidentals. Three years of Harp study with us resulted in a scholarship worth over $200,000. She will graduate with an education degree.

Both students with graduate from college with no student loan debt and will have the ability to enjoy playing music the rest of their lives.

Our next success story could be about your child.

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