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Other Piano Advantages

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Bach said this about the piano:


        “There is nothing remarkable about it.   All one needs to do is hit

          the right key at the right time and the instrument plays itself!”

  • The left-to-right piano keyboard  makes it easy to learn to translate   left-to-right notes from the page to  the keys.

  • The piano uses both the bass and treble clefs, plays melodies and accompaniment at the same time,  and allows the player to sing.

  • A piano player is the life of a party.           When were you at a party where everyone gathered around a flute player and sang?

  • A piano student continues learning and enjoying playing music long after the school orchestra or band.

We come to your home -


No more “Mom Taxi" time, inconvenience or expense. Or, you  can come to our Sarasota studio.    


We provide more than piano lessons.

If you don’t have a piano we provide a “starter kit” - a keyboard, sturdy stand, and adjustable sturdy stool.


When your child needs a better instrument, we will help you find a piano that fits your budget and space.

The piano is ideal for Beginners because students start learning and playing music at their first lesson!  Other instruments require weeks before the plunks, squeaks and raspberries

stop, and the music begins!


The piano is Ideal for Adults because it is the Ultimate Relaxation Tool as well as the best

Brain-Building Tool!  Whether you are just starting to play the piano or want to pick up on

what you have already learned, we will design a program that meets your individual needs!

We teach students to play from written music.  This involves a sequential process of building skills which we then measure and report to you.


This is better than:

  • Hearing a piano teacher say “Your child is doing awsome".  

  • Thinking your child is doing well because they can play one difficult piece of music, without realizing that they are just imitating the teacher and memorizing rather than reading music,                

  • Making the mistake of believing willingness to practice equates with progress.

Our Piano Lesson Process



Beginners or

Pick Up Where You Left Off! 



Piano Lessons in Your Home!

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$156 / Month 


Includes all books and materials

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