Music Lessons - An Investment In Your Child's Future!


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Here are just two of the many ways music lessons pay off:


“Music makes kids smarter”.  Studies show that individual lessons from a qualified teacher over an extended period result

in a visible increase in the development of parts of the brain needed for math and science


Music is a path to college scholarships:


             Students with music skills can compete for college scholarships that are not available to other students.  


             Colleges compete for students with basic skills and a desire to study esoteric instruments like Harp and Organ.

In Addition To Being Fun,  Music Lessons Are An Investment In Your Child!

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We Focus On Piano and Voice Lessons To Start The brain Development Process Sooner and Extend It!

We Offer Students The  Opportunity To Expand Their Music Skills to Harp and Organ!

A Piano or a Voice will make a pure sound the first time and every time, allowing the student to focus on learning music rather than on avoiding the “raspberries, “squeaks and “plunks” that come with learning to play wind, brass or

string instruments.


Piano Players and Singers make music that is enjoyable without other instruments.  They are the center of any party and praise from peers will keep your child involved in music.


When was the last time someone said come to the party and bring your trumpet?


Extending the time period involved in music lessons can increase the physiological and emotional benefits of music. Band and Orchestra instrument players are done when the band or orchestra  goes away. Piano Players and Singers enjoy a lifetime with their instrument.



The reason for expanding to esoteric instruments like the Harp or Organ has an economic side in addition to an artistic side.


Colleges need students studying these instruments to keep their programs going. They use scholarships to compete for Harp and Organ students just like they use scholarships to compete for football players.


The result is a music degree, or any degree with a music minor from a recognized university without student loan debt or a second mortgage on your home!  


But wait, there's more!  


Studies show that college students who study music and then apply to medical or other professional schools are more likely to get in than non-musiicans.