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Computer Coding and Programming Classes are not available until

Middle School or even High School!

By then most kids who have not been introduced to computer technology will conclude it is too complicated and run the other direction.


At Florida Enrichment Academy, 8 to 12

-year-olds have fun:

  • Experimenting with virtual reality

  • Building computers and robots,        

  • Creating animated stories and video




We use SCRATCH, a programing language developed at MIT to teach coding concepts

to kids.  SCRATCH skills can easily be applied  to  more complex Animation and Video Game projects.








  New Classes Coming Soon!    

4 -7 Year Olds

IPAD and Tablet Coding!







Coding Is The new Literacy!


Twenty years ago Steve Jobs said

     “Everyone should learn to program computers, because it teaches you how to think.”  


Now technology experts agree that:

·         Kids who learn to design, create and express themselves with digital

                technologies have a distinct advantage in later life.


Kids need to be introduced to coding and programing in elementary school!




       Learn Computer Technology

                                    by having fun!


·       Building Computers


·       Creating Animated Stories


·       Constructing Video games


·       Experimenting with Virtual Reality




For some, our technology classes

may  lead to becoming an engineer, computer scientist, graphic artist, animator or film maker.


For all technology students,

the exposure will be a

benefit regardless of

the path they chose.




  Computer Anatomy Class-

      Coding for Kids Class -

These positive computer science experiences, make it more likely that they

will take advantage of opportunities to

learn more in high school and college.


Classes are limited to 6 students and are

on-going with concepts leading to a career

as an engineer, computer scientist, graphic artist, animator or film maker.    


Kids learn:

•fundamental computer science,

•coding and programing concepts,

•critical thinking and problem solving,

•physics and circuitry,

•drawing and color theory,

•graphic art, photography and more!

green computer boy COMPUTER REPAIR Computer boy