Music Lessons - An Investment In Your Child's Future!


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There are lots of studies showing that “music lessons make kids smarter”.

In these studies, music lessons are defined as individual lessons with a qualified teacher over an extended period - Not a few months of lessons, a one semester group guitar class, participation in the school band or orchestra, or a few lessons from a nice neighbor.


Music lessons produce growth in the Spatial Reasoning (math and science) parts of the brain.   After only eight months music students showed a 46% boost in Spatial Reasoning IQ and a corresponding

Better math, science and reading performance


Better scores on college entrance exams – 57 points higher verbal scores and 41 points higher math scores in the SAT.


Increased lifetime income - 83% of all people earning $150,000 or more have had extensive music lessons.

Music lessons result in:

A better chance of admission to Medical School - 66% of music majors who applied were admitted - only 44% of biochemistry majors who applied were admitted.


Better cognitive ability in later life - playing a musical instrument even fends off Alzheimer’s disease!


  • Make better grades

  • Score higher on SATs

  • Have higher life time income

  • Have a better chance at admission to medical schools

  • Are less likely to have Alzheimer’s

  • Are popular


Music lessons are an investment in your child’s future.

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