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The physical benefits of dance are great!  

Continually learning new steps and routines has the greatest effect on brain development. Continuing to do the same thing over and over has little or no effect. The brain uses these increased neuro pathways to do things in addition to dancing.

Choreographed dancing requires split-second rapid-fire decision making which stimulates growth of neuro pathways in the brain.

Dancers are physically fit, exhibit good posture, able to concentrate, and develop body awareness and control.


It is also apparent that dancing with a group teaches teamwork as much as playing a team sport and performing a dance routine well builds self-esteem.


But wait, there’s more.  A study reported in the New England Journal of Medicine shows that dance classes also make Kids smarter!. 


Invest in your child's Florida Enrichment Academy dance classes are designed to “make kids smarter”.


Brain building resulting from constant introduction of new routines and choreography leads to:  


  • Better grades

  • Better SAT scores


Enroll your child in dance classes that develop their brains

as well as their bodies.

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Researchers say this helps dance students make better grades in school and score higher on test and college entrance exams!

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Dancers are continually learning new things.  In a Recital Based program dancers do the same recital routine over and over for months to perfect a recital show.


While the recital show might be beautiful there is not much brain development happening.

The Skills Based dance program at Florida Enrichment Academy maximizes the brain building benefits of Dance lessons.