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Advantages of Our Program

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Why should my child study music before age seven?


Recent studies suggest that taking structured music lessons at a young age  (4-5-6 year olds) improves learning, memory, reasoning ability, and general creativity!  


Research also supports the theory that young children who are exposed to music lessons develop enhanced cognitive skills!


Early childhood educators are aware that influences of music lessons go far beyond the intellectual and physical development of the child!

Our program is perfect for young children who are not yet ready for standard private piano lessons.


The program combines keyboard, voice, computer music theory- learning games and finger-strengthening and dexterity exercises.


Children follow the story of Mozart Mouse and Beethoven  Bear in a music learning experience.  It is a comprehensive

approach to musical learning that develops;

  • breathing and singing,

  • note-reading,

  • rhythm and counting,

  • keyboard skills,

  • finger dexterity,

  • listening skills,

In research studies, music lessons are defined as individual lessons with a qualified teacher over an extended period.


HealthDay News — Reserchers found that music lessons strengthens the connections between areas of a child’s brain that are most responsible for movement,  but this happens best if the child picks up an instrument before the age of 7.  Learning to play an instrument requires coordination between hands and visual and auditory stimuli,  The earlier  the musicians began their musical training, the stronger the connections between the areas of their brains responsible for movement become.


American Psychological Association – Those childhood music lessons could pay off decades later – even for those who no longer play an instrument – by keeping the mind sharper as people age. Musical activity throughout life may serve as a challenging cognitive exercise, better than the New York Times Crossword puzzle!

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No more “Mom Taxi" time, inconvenience or expense.  Or you can come to our Sarasota studio.    


We provide more than piano lessons. -  

If you don’t have a piano we provide a “starter kit” - a keyboard, sturdy stand, and adjustable sturdy stool.



When your child needs a better instrument, we will help you find a piano that fits your budget and space!

Here Is the Research on Starting Early



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Special Discounts for Homeschoolers!

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